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Mindy Kaling does Mindy Lahiri’s ‘Real Housewives’ tagline.

Mindy Kaling does Mindy Lahiri’s ‘Real Housewives’ tagline.

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♕ lysalysa828 is gorgeous

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biggest plot twist in all of history

*patiently waits 34787894745 years for sequel*

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We can bring the black “smart-house” back to American cinema y’all! Who will be there opening day?!

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Hayley what glitter do you use? That is amazing shine power!!!

that’s some urban decay glitter pen thing with mac glitter pigment on top! layer that shiz all day!!!

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Please stop supporting FCKH8

Makes me wonder who put the person running their facebook into control. Seriously FCKH8 was supposed to be a campaign for equality across the entire community. This saddens me incredibly so. I think that the idea that perhaps the moderator has an issue with one person to then cast off an entire classification of sexuality is absurd. There is a reason why our blog tries promote and educate where we can and if not share what resources we have. It’s about community. Community isn’t one group or another. It’s all of us. We all know the pain of being slighted, shamed, harassed, abused, et cetera based on our sexuality in all aspects of our life. Do not demand to be educated by others about their sexuality or gender identity, SEEK education. Be proactive, ask for resources, ask questions without being invasive or abrasive. Unity is not found in ignorance and shouting over each other. Unity is found in understanding, sharing, and standing together. 

~ Va-J-J

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